Thank God we have medication for this now. Masto.

Romance #56

Miss Los Angeles Harbor 1956 Nobody bothered to inform her that part of her prize was standing out at the harbor to greet all ships coming into port in a bikini. Masto.

Beauty Queens #36

Arthur Sarnoff. One of the thousands of illustrations he did for paperbacks, magazines, or advertising. One of the handful of artists that really had a hand in the look of the 50’s and 60’s. Masto.

Image of the Week #55

I do not want to know where they were crawling around. Come now. There is nothing on this dude that was a tell that it might not be a cave? This one might even stretch my suspension of disbelief past the limit. Masto.

Classic Comic Covers #19

Back when the latest and greatest cartoons were only shown for a few brief hours on Saturday morning. The competition was tough so the ad campaigns were deep. Here’s ABC’s line up for the Fall of ’80. I don’t remember that Happy Days one. At a glance I would have to […]

Great Moments in Comic Book Advertising #21