Oh, about 6′2″, 250 lbs.

That would be a joke. Not a good one but one none the less.

Mailhiot.com originally started in 2005 as site to post the random images and odd tidbits I had run across and had been e-mailing to my friends and family. 20 plus years in graphic design looking for creative references, and a slight obsession with past pop culture, gave me a deep well to dip from.

After a couple of false starts, and an ever changing idea of what I would use the site for, I was up and running. The site started with a couple of family photos and a forum for family and friends to argue politics, sports, or whatever got their goat. It wasn’t exactly what I had planned to do, but hey… it was a start. The forum had a frequent cast of characters for a couple of months before dying a slow death. It is still whispered about as a possible return to these pages.

From there I worked in family photo galleries and the first blog incarnation that included the “Image of the Week” post. This revised my habit of e-mailing co-workers and friends images pulled from my ever expanding collection of detritus. After struggling off and on with the code I was using, I decided to base the site around WordPress. Best decision I made so far. But this meant losing what I had already done and starting from scratch. Hence, mailhiot.com 3.0 was born!

Things were moving along nicely at that point. I was starting to pull together some of the ideas I originally had for the site (in my free time) and was assembling pieces here and there to be implemented in my new plans. Now that I had a good working knowledge of the coding and how to make the best use of it for my plans it was time for a face-lift and to update the code. I learned an important lesson in that process that at my age I should have already known. READ THE DAMN DIRECTIONS ALL THE WAY THROUGH IDIOT! Updating the code to the new specs wiped my database of all previous posts because I didn’t follow the directions.

So here we are at mailhiot.com 4.0. The silver lininterests, which includes my love of pop culture, music, photography, and design. If you stumbled on this and share my tastes stay and enjoy yourselves. But stand back I got shit to do.

So for a brief history of mailhiot.com, I guess that’s about it. I’m sure your curiosity has now been sated.

Please send all comments, questions, complaints, death threats, and legal actions due to me unknowingly pissing all over your copyright to:

Masto (Rich Mailhiot)


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