Beauty Queens #15

Beauty Queens #15
27 May

Miss Southern California Motorcyclist 1951

Nice to see biker chicks haven’t changed that much in 60 years. Okay, she needs a half sleeve of tattoos to bring her up to date. That bike would be worth a small fortune now.


6 thoughts on “Beauty Queens #15

  1. I notice that the earlier beauty queens were allowed to eat.
    They must have 40 pounds on the lastest queens and models……..and in this age of fat giraffs. OH WELL>

  2. sorry Mike… none there. I bet my dad has some though. A few years ago I did uncover my old Indian Guides vest. I think it promptly disintegrated when I picked it up. I was Soaring Eagle and my dad Sitting Duck. Remember your IG name?

  3. That’s my Mom the same year I was born.
    I had that trophy (in pieces) for the longest time.
    That’s my Dad’s H-D,. He named the bike ‘Babe’.

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