Image of the Week #42

Image of the Week #42
30 Apr

I love when my children bring home their various schoolyard illnesses. They give me about a week to properly incubate some insidious bug that will then lay waste to me for 4 or 5 days. During which time I will desperately try and squeeze a day or so out of work to try and expedite my healthy recovery. It’s never enough to fully kick it in the ass. Meaning you stretch a 2 day sick into a 5 day sick because you don’t take the time to put it down for good. And to make matters worse you then are busting ass to play catch up at work for the time you missed. This was my week to star in that little drama. And face it when you feel like hell you don’t want to do any more than you absolutely have to. So I guess this is my way of saying I haven’t done a damn thing in the last week, sue me.

So as I lay there doing nothing more strenuous than pushing the buttons on the remote and taking sips of water I did get a chance to watch a fasinating documentary on architect Mies van der Rohe. Which brings us to our image. Or more correctly images.

The Farnsworth House. When reviews of your house get critiques like “a communist inspired effort to supplant traditional American styles” you know your pushing some buttons. But that’s not why I bring this up. As I lay there I began to think this is something you either love or hate.

You either think to yourself “I would love living in that” or “I couldn’t spend one night there”. And this isn’t an issue of you get it or you don’t. There is no right or wrong. This is not elitist culture snob vs. joe lunch bucket. I think it boils down to your brain either meshes with that math or it doesn’t. Simple as that. On first glance it is either going to flow right in line with you or it’s gonna be like a fork in a disposal.

Which way does it work for you?


5 thoughts on “Image of the Week #42

  1. Maybe with different furniture, and heavier curtains. But I am feeling a “no.” That place would be impossible to defend during a general breakdown of social order, such as an outbreak of zombies.

  2. I have been absolutely obsessed with this house ever since I randomly stumbled across it in an image search. The trees would provide plenty of privacy and you could always close the curtains if you were feeling watched by creepers in the woods. If they only built it a few feet higher it would have been perfect (because of this heart-breaking flood problem). However I don’t think this house should be lived in at all. It should be a museum, as it is today because it is a profound piece artwork above all else. I probably wouldn’t live in it if I had the choice, but somehow I still can’t stop looking at it, thinking about it, building models of it, imagining living in it, imagining someone else living it it, the list goes on and on. It’s insane.

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