Great Moments in Comic Book Advertising #19

25 May

This is somewhat of a follow up to last weeks Evel Kneivel IOTW. Here are a handful of the action figure vehicles Ideal made. I didn’t know anybody that didn’t at least have the stunt cycle. And as anyone who owned one can attest to, the thing worked pretty damn well. It took off fast, handled pretty much any terrain, would do huge jumps, and still keep racing along regardless of what you threw in it’s path. The down side… Evel would not stay on the thing short of supergluing him to the damn bike. The bike would take off and get about 6 inches from the launcher before he just rolled off. We tried everything. And I was not the only one. Over the years I have heard all sorts of stories of taping him, gluing him, anything to keep him on the stupid cycle.



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