Image of the Week #53

27 Apr


For all of you who like to bitch about your phone or tablet not doing enough, or being fast enough, etc… I think you forget how truly amazing they are.

This my friends is an IBM 360. Produced 50 years ago this year. This is the primordial soup from which your phone and tablet arose. This was “THE” computer in the late 60’s to have. This is the stuff that made a moon landing possible in 1969. To put it in perspective to the phone you hold in your hand. These on average ran 256k to a megabyte of memory. Average smart phone these days is running about a gigabyte of memory. For those that don’t know, that gigabyte is 1024 megabytes. That’s right your phone is running a 1024 times more memory than this room full of computer. And that washer and dryer over her left shoulder, is a pair of hard drives. Each one capable of storing up to 28 megabytes of information. That’s right, a whopping 28 megs.

So stop complaining.


2 thoughts on “Image of the Week #53

  1. Me too. One; it just looks cool. Two; it would be funny when people came over and asked “what the hell is all this stuff” and you could respond “my computer”.

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