comic book advertising

Okay. I know there are a bunch of other sites that have old comic book ads. Face it, it’s one of those things that anyone over a certain age is fairly nostalgic about. Kind of like that old Sears Wish Book that you coveted. The minute it came in the mail you would scamper off into some secluded hideaway to painstakingly pour over all your Christmas list demands like a trader pours over the Wall Street Journal. Reading Sgt. Rock and House of Secrets was always a good time but there was always a handful of ads that made you want to scrimp and save your lawn mowing money or add it to your Christmas list.

Some of these ads fall into that category. Others because, what ever the crap was they were selling, you knew it would pale in comparison to the ad. Or it was just ridiculously stupid or misguided. I have expanded these to include ads that far out date me, but running across them over the years they were just too incredible to not grab on to.

As I post these finds from my collection they will be available here as a gallery of images you can scroll through or download in their full sized splendor. If you want to see them as posted with my comments “Great Moments in Comic Book Advertising” is the category for you.


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