For decades of comic book reading I have always found the panels of any comic book to be singular works of art. They have their own composition, aesthetic, and emotion. You put a bunch of these together and you have a narrative directed by the creator of the work. But take any individual panel out of context from the comic as a whole and it is now put on you to fill in the narrative.

Well that’s exactly what I intended with these panels. Leave it up to you. I have decided to stick to the romance ones because they are much more melodramatic so they at least hint at an idea of a narrative. I’m not alone in finding this a interesting idea. Roy Lichtenstein painted an entire series of these panels in the early sixties that were pulled from some of the same comics I am harvesting mine.

My original plan was to post 30 panels. A panel a day for a month. I was curious to see if taken from the same genre of comic they would suggest their own narrative. Well you can be the judge. Below are the original 30 panels posted over Sept. If you want to get the full experience click on the first panel and then move through them with the arrow buttons on the bottom of the frame.

Because I had so much fun pulling these together (and I also have a ton left over) I will occasionally post more. Maybe I will comment this time, maybe not. I didn’t want to comment last time just so it didn’t distract from the panel. I will keep the new ones separate so as to keep the original set in tact.


Current Set

Here are the current ones. As I post new ones they will be available here in the order of last posted first.

Original Set

Here is the original set in all it’s glory. All 30 in the order posted.

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