blurry photo gallery

The best thing about digital cameras is by far the fact that you are not burning through film. The fear of only having 24 or 32 shots, so they better be good, is long gone. Paying for developing a roll of film only to have half of the shots look like crap, blows. Well no more. I shoot pictures just for the hell of pulling the trigger. If the picture doesn’t come out, who cares. This means that I have tons of meaningless, out of focus, blurry, shots of god knows what. And I love em’. They’re like little abstract paintings. It’s kind of fun to strip photograph down to only color and composition and not content.

As I started collecting my blurry photos I realized I was not the only one. There are tons of blurry photo sites and groups all over the net. I originally was only going to have random ones pop up in the side bar. But after a couple requests to see the whole set, a gallery was born. I had left it as is for months. Then awhile back I decided I needed to add new ones as they happen so I could expand the gallery. The first 35 are the original set as posted in the original gallery.


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