sunset project

Like everyone else on the planet who sits in front of a computer most of their hours I recently decided I needed to change up the old desktop. Face it, sometimes you just need a little change to forget that you’ve spent countless hours coming back to that same photo of a beach front in the Caribbean or some image of Renaissance art. So looking for some inspiration I decided to hit Google image search and see what fun could be had. Well I noticed that under the search for sunset there are over 33 million returns. I like a nice sunset as much as the next person but after the first million or so they kind of all start looking the same. So I decided to take matters in my own hands and slim that down to a much more manageable number. So I broke it down to the basics and came up with 30 or so images that pretty much cover everything that 33 million does… just a little more efficiently. So if you so happen to be in the search for a new desktop image right click and save because they are all at 1920×1080 which means they will work nicely with any widescreen monitor you happen to be using. Hey, somebody had to do it. 33 million is just too damn many.