A chronological gallery of all the flyers I created for Hundred Acre Wood shows (except for no. 2 which was done by a friend of the band) from our first aborted show in ’91 to the final Supergenius show in ’93. We didn’t do flyers for every show but instead ended up doing ones when the mood struck or when we were pushing to get the word out.

The first flyer in the set would have been our debut show. The show collapsed at the last moment but we were relieved as hell since we worried we were going to suck hideously. Partly by the fact that we hated the drummer we had at the time. We sacked the drummer right after this date and replaced him with Ric who became the backbone of HAW and our 3 piece follow-up Supergenius. Most of these are from late ’91 and Spring of ’92 with the only ’93 show being the Supergenius show that was to be the last gig of my “professional” music career

And for any of you graphic artists out there under 35 this was the pre-computer era. All these were done with marker, Xerox copier and an Xacto knife. And it shows. But still, suck it Adobe.

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